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PC Setup Service

Initial setup of your new device

Are you thinking about buying a new tablet, laptop or desktop PC? Would you like the stress of first-time configuration taken away?

Years ago, a new PC would ask for a username & password and that was the initial setup done. Nowadays, there are updates, cloud accounts & services to connect to & complicated/misleading configuration options; Not to mention bloatware.


Many new devices come pre-installed with 'bloatware'. This is software other manufacturers pay to have pre-installed on new machines as a type of marketing tool. Many bloatware packages are unneccessary rubbish and do nothing other than hog valuable storage space and (in some cases) slow the performance of the new machine!

The Initial-Setup Service

Our standard service involves the following:

  • Initial Setup Configuration (ISC) form to be completed by client
  • Collection of equipment (subject to location)
  • First-time setup (user, default settings, etc) inline with ISC form
  • Removal of all unwanted software trials, bloatware, packages (subject to ISC form)
  • Set up of anti-virus & anti-spyware protection software (based on ISC form)
  • Complete backup including system state provided on 8GB USB memory stick
  • Return of equipment with checklist & USB recovery drive

This service also entitles the client to a 20% discount off any related support services for the device in question, including disaster recovery.

Optional Service

We also provide an optional service to migrate data from your old device to your new one, subject to compatibility. If you are interested in this service, please inform us when requesting a quote so that we may discuss your requirements to ensure this is possible.

Pricing for 2015

Standard Service: £40 + VAT

Data Migration: £30 + VAT

Additional services can be quoted on an individual basis, contact us

Prices are for the service detailed above and do not include:

  • Any additional parts and/or accessories
  • Software licenses and/or subscriptions

There may be an additional charge for logistics if the collect/return address is outside of our normal working area.

Order this service

If you would like to order this service, discuss any aspect mentioned above or receive a personalised quote, please contact us via any method shown on our contact us page.

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